About Biblical

The Biblical Company is in production with it's first full-length animated feature film, Adam and Eve. Biblical uses three different entities to reach as many audiences. The three entities are: Biblical Books, Biblical Charity, and Biblical Studios.


Every time Biblical Studios produces a film, Biblical Books produces books that relate with the film. Biblical Charity hosts charitable events to help poverty while advertising our films and books.

Aside from The Holy Bible, Biblical refers to books like the KJV Apocrypha and Strong's Concordance to help bring out understanding of the living God. Biblical Studios shows audiences a glimpse of the Bible like never seen before with high quality animated characters, like Adam and Eve!


"I believe that a movie speaks louder than a person, because people don't like to listen to other people preach to them as much as they like to learn from a film."


                                           - Josh Martin

Josh Martin

Director, Producer, Writer, Artist

Born in 1990 as the third child to caring parents, Josh immediately began drawing pictures of his favorite cartoon characters, quickly earning himself the label of being "the family artist".


"My parents told me who God was when I was really young, so I've been praying for as long as I can remember", says Mr. Martin.

Through Josh's school years, he obtained performance arts experience with many rewards, graduating with honors as a Thespian, and then went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Houston. 

After college graduation, Martin opened up a production company, which he owned and operated for three years. Managing about 90 employees for various projects, he learned much about business and always did research to help his production company flourish! In January 2017, he couldn't ignore that the world is getting worse with all the violence, and his production company wasn't helping anyone, so he closed it down and began reading the Holy Bible.  


Josh read and learned about the ten commandments, the prophets, and a lot of other information in the Bible. He, then, decided to use his talents and experience to teach people what the scriptures say by opening The Biblical Company, a production company. 

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