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Let there be light.


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Based on the children's books by Josh Martin

  1. We want this movie to be the most accurate depiction of the story of creation. The idea is to have a high-quality animated movie based on religious concepts, like Moana.

  2. In 2017, Josh Martin started research and development to bring out the best “Adam and Eve” story possible.

  3. The Passion of the Christ made hundreds of millions of dollars, and Moana made about the same. In result, we can see that an animated story of creation movie is on par to making a fortune.

  4. There is no limit as to what animation can do! Which is why instead of a live action movie, we feel the animation genre will best visualize such an epic story.

  5. Animated movies do very well in the box office because it is easy to watch by all ages and cultures. By looking at industry trends, it’s difficult to find an animated movie that hasn’t become popular.

  6. Everyone on earth can relate to the story of creation, which is what makes this movie more appealing to audiences of both science and religious communities.

  7. Knowing what happened in the beginning is very important! This movie will help us see why there is even a need for a messiah, who came to the house of Israel to deliver the good news.

  8. The creators of “Adam and Eve” have also worked on Disney books, Tom and Jerry cartoons and more. The team behind this production are a mix of some of the best animation companies and artists in the world.

Investment Opportunity

That is right! Invest, not donate. By helping finance this project, you are partnering with Martin Animation Studios and fueling the progress made on the film. Everyone who invests in this movie will receive 120% return on their investment and a share of the profits from the ticket sales, home video sales, and profits from any other market the movie is seen in. 


$150 - Become an investor and get to audition for a voice-acting part in the movie.

$1,000 - All of the above, plus receive a copy of the screenplay signed by the director, and all the Adam and Eve children's books written by Josh Martin.

$5,000 - All of the above, plus receive an "associate producer" credit. 

$10,000 - All of the above, plus suggest music for consideration to be heard in the film. We will select a couple tracks or so to be in the movie along with the original orchestrated musical score.

$25,000 - All of the above, and you automatically get a voice-acting part in the film.

$50,000 - All of the above and you will be invited to the red carpet premiere, with travel and hotel paid. You also get to attend the VIP After Party where you'll get a chance to meet the cast and crew.

$100,000 - All of the above and instead of an "associate producer" credit, you get a "producer" credit. This gives you the a chance to suggest script changes, design changes, or any other input in any part of the film process.

$500,000 - All of the above except instead of "producer" credit, you recieve an "executive producer" credit. This gives you a much bigger share of the profits and you'll be treated as one of the bosses- which means invited to interviews and any other related events for the project.

To invest, you can fill out the form and we will form a contract agreement which we will need signed before accepting any money. After all contracts are signed and the fund is closed, the new investors will be credited on the film, and their names will be added to the
Adam and Eve IMDB page.

We expect the movie to reach theaters by the end of 2024, and it will take a few months for the movie to show in theaters in other countries of the world. Then the revenue will come back to Martin Animation Studios after paying exhibitions and other fees, which will then be divided by all the investors using their assigned ownership percentages. 

The minimum investment is $150. If you have any questions, you can email us at

What is the movie about?

The movie will follow the storyline in the Adam and Eve children's book series by Josh Martin. We will see the first couple on earth being forced out of the garden and into their new home, which will be a cave. The couple will be instructed how to navigate their new lives in their fleshly bodies, now that the world has been tainted with sin.

Adam and Eve will face many trials in this film, but with the help of Spirit (a ghost with unlimited power) and the kingdom servants (or angels) that fly down from above, who possess many abilities, Adam and Eve learn how to bathe, farm, and be vigilant because an unbeknown enemy lurks about! We will find out how this particular enemy, who is the antagonist, used to be a kingdom servant, but he attempted to go against the Most High and persuaded many of his fellow kingdom servants to join him. Now, they are furious and want back into the kingdom!

What will the movie be like?

This is supposed to be an animated film for the family with religious concepts, like Moana. And also like Moana, the animation will reflect hyperrealistic quality, that way it can be enjoyed for generations to come! When people leave the theater, they will be thinking of life, the origins of things and the Bible, since this is a story that is meant to connect the dots and answer questions like "Why would the Most High place a tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden?"

With all the research done in development stage, we will include references to the ancient Hebrew culture, such as ancient Hebrew letters being shown, and scenes where the creator will be speaking in ancient Hebrew. The animals seen in this film won't be modern day animals, which is another common mistake seen in other story of creation depictions. Since evolution takes place in the history of animals, we will see ancient animals that would have walked with the first ever man and woman. This will help audiences go back in time and see the past as if they are looking through a window! The angel characters will be extraordinary looking and match the descriptions used in biblical text, as well as other sacred texts like The Book of Enoch and The Book of Jasher.

There will be funny parts, since we find the work of Greg Daniels to be comically

remarkable, like the TV show "The Office". The movie will use an orchestra to drive the journey, the same way Peter Jackson's films are made, like "The Hobbit". We want this adventure to resemble the cinematic feeling of a Michael Bay film, so expect suspense!


The Goal

When we complete the Biblical Fund for "Adam and Eve", we will register the project with SAG-AFTRA, which will allow us to make offers to popular actors. We have already begun discussion with agents at the most prestigious Hollywood agencies in order to cast your favorite stars! We can't give any names, yet, since nothing has been signed at this time. 

Then we will begin finalizing all character designs to match the cast members, and begin constructing the character models in the computer. After completing animation, we will begin releasing teaser trailers to increase appeal. Once the movie is fully completed and edited together with the sound and music, The Biblical Company will screen the film with potential film buyers at over 25 cinema exhibition companies worldwide by following the delivery specifications required. 

We will advertise the movie with a separate budget that will be borrowed from gap finance companies or companies who offer services in advertising budgets for completed films. It is crucial that the advertising budget is even bigger than the production budget because that is how we will make sure we have enough people sitting in those theater seats to make a nice return on investment. The film will be advertised following our marketing plan, which consists of showing "Adam and Eve" in magazines, newspapers, radio ads, TV ads, billboards, outdoor signage, internet ads, social media ads and more!

Before being released in theaters, The Biblical Company will host red carpet premieres where the movie will be seen by a public audience for the very first time!

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Thank you! Please expect an email from us within 24 hours with a contract attached. After carefully reviewing and signing the contract, you will be given instructions on how to move forward with the investment.

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