Biblical Art Department

Last modified: August 9th, 2017


Catherine Taylor-Dewick

Catherine Taylor-Dewick is the artist who designed the Adam and Eve characters for The Biblical Company. 

“I feel lucky to be a part of the designing team.”


Ishita Gupta 

Ishita Gupta, daughter to Mrs. Anuradha Gupta and Mr. Vinay Kumar Gupta, was recruited on Instagram by Josh Martin because of her beautiful artwork posts, and went on to design Tazab (the turtle), the very first Biblical character to ever be designed! She also designed Payal (the elephant), Sanaahy (the squirrel), Chaazayar (the pig), Ahrayah (the lion), (the dragonfly), (the hyena), (the beetle), Ahyal (the deer), Ahlap (the cow), and Par (the bull).


"The turtle was my first character that I chose to draw for Biblical. When I started the drawing, the first thought that came into my mind was why don't I make something different but look cute and ancient as well. So while working, my brother helped me a lot. He told me to make big eyes for the turtle and many more things he advised me. After that, in every design for the Biblical characters, my mother as well as my brother helped me a lot. While working on each and every design, I thought to use different color shades. So, I had used different shades of colors which makes the characters looks different! I love animals a lot! "

Wytessa O’Neal 


This Lexington, Kentucky native, who considers herself a blessed and gifted artist, has been drawing and designing since before she could even spell her name. In 2010, she graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, receiving a certificate of Fine Arts (drawing and painting) and a BFA in film. In her senior year, two of her films screened at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Post college is when her walk with The Anointed One began, and it wasn't until then that she realized her life had been hidden in Him. Our true living God has begun her career in art doing commissioned portraits, creating wedding videos, painting business murals and even conducts nontraditional mobile classes alongside her husband, teaching the Bible through art.


"Art is a language. I believe art to be one of the many vehicles God created me for; to speak spiritually to an artistic world".

Whitney Adeyemi 


Whitney Adeyemi is a daughter to Nigerian parents and has only been drawing since December 2016 when she got her first pack of Prismacolor. Before that, she used to enter for art competitions in school, but now she hopes to become a medical doctor and still be doing drawings and paintings as hobbies.

“I've owned an art profile on Instagram under the name @winnies.arts, where I’ve been posting all my drawings for about two years now and that's how Biblical reached out to me! Life is art!”

Deborah L. Hoover 



"Art has always been a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is my dad
giving me a pencil and a small note pad so I would sit still in church. It worked and
I filled the pages with little drawings. Looking back it surprises me that at the age
of five years old I was recognizing that some pages were (accidentally) better

Deborah, Biblical's Background Artist, received her training in graphic arts at Kendall College of Art and Design. She then worked at a typesetting company and dabbled in painting. “Retiring” from the typesetting company after the birth of her first daughter, she moved on to painting. Her first efforts were a combination of impression and representational.


"What I saw was what you got, with some emotion added."


As she continued to paint, she found her more successful paintings, whether the subject was landscape, floral, figure or abstract, were the "quite energetic and filled with movement" ones. Reading about the Swiss artist Paul Klee, she found his statement, “make the invisible visible” and recognized that statement was what she had been trying to do. 


"We all know what energy, light and movement look like but we can’t hold them in our hands. It is an exciting challenge to capture the essence of life in paint. Using vibrant colors that pulsate with life, designing with line and shapes to create a language is how I attempt to make energy, light and music visible. The more I focused on making the “invisible visible” the more alive my paintings became. They have become a celebration of life.


My art is a map of where I have been. I have combined design, representation, impressionism, and emotional content."


She makes the “invisible visible" by producing paintings that celebrate life.


Kat Talamantez 

Katherine Talamantez is currently a college student majoring in Chemistry with dreams of becoming an instructor. She has been involved in the visual arts since she was a young child, but the true commitment to experiment with different styles and media didn't come about until high school. She has since picked it up as a hobby and specializes in animated characters with a medium preference of colored pencils.


Kat has some background training with acrylic painting techniques, but she is mostly self-taught.


"It has always been a subliminal aspiration to develop art for an animated film and it has been an incredible opportunity to work with Biblical Studios."

Jessica Oltersdorf


Jessica Tyra Oltersdorf, the designer behind the cherub characters in Biblical's Adam and Eve. As of now, she is still a student making her Abitur, meaning she is getting the graduation needed to be able to study in Germany. Besides that, she has a small student job as a waitress in a restaurant.


In 2015, at a Texas high school, her art teacher got her to consider being a character designer for animated movies as she didn't know at the time what she wanted to do after school. Now, that goal is set in her mind and if that works out, she can make a living out of what makes her happy: art.


"I've been drawing since I can remember, and I am still enjoying it very much." 

Okonkwo A. Chioma 

Okonkwo A Chioma loves art, but unfortunately, as it is with most Nigerian parents, art was not an approved option. For that reason, she just recently began doing art, again, and was recruited to design the first two child characters of Biblical movie history. 

"It's been, both, a frustrating and annoying process, but I just started getting rewarded. I thank Biblical for the opportunity to design Cain and Luluwa as toddlers."

Curtis Ferris 


Curtis Luke Ferris is from Kent, England. From a very early age, he was introduced to the wonderful world of art. Throughout his childhood, he drew many characters and was lucky enough to continue this passion throughout his school years. When Curtis started his A levels, he discovered a great interest in Fashion Design and from there he went on to the university to study Fashion. Since leaving the university, he has gotten back into art practice by drawing numerous characters from mainstream media.


"I share every piece of work I create on social media and this is what led me to join Biblical Studios, which has enabled me to finally start the career I have always wanted."


Regina Meneses 

Regina Meneses is a self taught artist, and the one who designed the Adam and Eve movie font. She grew up watching lots of cartoons and animated films. When she was a little girl, she fell in love with the idea of how people can create such amazing characters and designs by combining different simple shapes and colors. That inspired her to create and draw her own characters and anything she found inspiration from. As time progressed, she developed her talent and taught herself from watching drawing tutorials and drawing a lot.

With today's generation and having several different social media platforms, Regina began viewing and getting inspiration from other artists on Instagram. She practiced with different mediums, but grew to love using colored pencils and watercolors.


"I started out with graffiti inspired drawings and eventually developed into drawing and painting galaxy and cartoon styled drawings. I am still in the process of developing myself and my talents, for I am still young, and I will continue learning from my past experiences as well as learning from other artists."


Tshepo Sefadi 

Leby Byles 

Leby Byles is a self taught artist. She is a commissioned artist who sold her first work of art at the age of 10. Her favorite medium is Prismacolor pencils, and her favorite things to draw are animals and characters. Leby has been very successful on social media, offering tutorials and colorful drawings. She is now developing a line of products to be sold, including T-shirts and custom sunglasses.


"I am honored to be a part of the Biblical Studios creative art team."


Tshepo Sefadi is a graphic design student, but his passion is digital concept design.  


"I love animals; they're such fascinating creatures. My passion for art runs deep. My goal is to become a Lead Conceptual Artist but there is still so much to learn. I'm enjoying the journey!"

Biblical Animation Department


Neel Parekh 

Neel Yogesh Parekh, an artist who helped bring Mount Eden to life in Adam and Eve, stays in Vasai, which is situated in Mumbai, India. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Mass Media, along with a Diploma in Animation and VFX. As a hobby, he loves to play video games.

Kartik Mistry 

Kartik Mistry is an artist from Mumbai, India. He is in std SYJC (12 ) commerce, but his keen interest was to be a visual effects artist, so he began attending a VFX institute in Mumbai in 2016. His Father is an a architect, and his mother is a house wife. He really loves watching movies, making 3d models and getting feedback on them. In addition, Kartik is really crazy about bikes and cars!

"I am looking forward to continue working with Biblical Studios as a 3d Artist. I was really excited after reading the first mail from Biblical Studios. I wish this movie comes out with a bang."



Abbin Joseph Thomas 

Abbin, a 3d artist who developed the cherub characters into 3d format, is a Syrian Christian. He knows how to speak English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil. 

He has been working for many years in the animation industry. His passions include watching animation and live action movies, playing PC and mobile games, game concept development, and watching visual effects breakdown videos.


3d character modelling artist living in Mumbai, India, Annu Panthaky is the Biblical associate that translated some of the animal characters in to 3d format (such as Tazab, the Biblical turtle character).

"I believe that a great artist is a person who not only knows how to create wonders, but also knows how to inspire others through their art."


With the evolution in the animation industry, Annu has been constantly developing herself to the new age technology and it's updates. She has worked on different assignments and projects, such as 3d short films, commercials, product design for mobile applications and games. In her free time, she likes to draw, cook, make crochet items, play piano, and watch animated movies.


"With all this experience, I always aim myself one step above from my previous project, and I guess that’s what helps me improve my work skills. Its a great opportunity to work on this feature film, Adam and Eve! I not only get to design cute characters, but there is a great scope to upgrade my modelling skills."



"I believe a good artist is one who's art makes somebody experience, or feel, something deep, unexpected, or inspired."

This artist, who lives in Mumbai, India, has always been attracted to the creativity and uniqueness in all God's creation. She feels inspired to evolve her art to His standards and express it through her creations. 

As a small girl, Venaiza was always so fascinated by cute & pretty things, and grew up passionately watching many animated series, movies, and animes. By studying the character look and design, she began to sketch them with a focus on the character's aesthetics, facial look, features, cuteness factor, clothing, and hair. This passion for creating characters made her pursue this career path and so she acquired a Bachelor's Degree in 3d Animation and VFX. Now, she is a seasoned artist with an interest towards stylized 3D models. It's three years of experience that she has in this industry and has worked as a senior 3D Modeler/Sculptor in many projects for one of the best animation studios in India.

In addition to her love for modeling and sketching, she has a deep passion for music and singing, and plans to pursue it professionally, as well.

"My objective is to continuously expand my knowledge and enhance my skills. I am an eager learner with a passion for problem solving both artistically and technically. I always strive to get the look of the character matching it to the concept art and possibly exceed the expectations of my clients."